Dream Dream Dream is a show that depicts the act of pursuing a dream. Dream is an ideal, beauty, and longing that we all hold. It glitters in our eyes and intoxicates our life. However, we live in a world where nothing lasts forever. Our aspiration dies, beauty decays, and ideals rust as we grow. Our eyes are blinded by the glaring sparkle of  new things we experience, and new people we meet. We are all wanderers in this vast world. This show guides the audience to experience for themselves the pursuit of dreams and the beautiful obstacles that awaits.

Dream Dream Dream は憧憬するという行為を視覚的に描写した展示である。夢とは理想であり、美であり、我々は抱く憧れである。それは私たちの眼前で輝き、私たちの人生を魅了する。しかしながら私たちの住むこの世には永久不変のものなどないように私たちの成長と共に願望は消えてゆき、美も朽ちてゆくものである。私たちの目は新しい経験や出会いによって眩んでゆき、私たちは当て所ない莫大な世界で彷徨わなければならない。これは鑑賞者に夢を追求する行為とそれに立ちはだかる美しい障害を体験させるように導く展示である。



HD video (color, sound)

1min. 34sec.

Brighter is my very first short animation video made in 2018. Longings, dreams, passion, or whatever you find beautiful may not stay as it once were. Things changeover time and don’t stay as it one were. Feelings are no exception to this and to move forward, we need to look back to our origin. This is a story of a sprint to strive back to your earliest and most brightest gaze.




HD video (color, silent)

5 min. 58 sec.

This piece is a visual representation of the act of pursuing a dream. The peak state of the beauty of one’s dream is when you first encounter it. The subject of what is being longed are oftentimes so beautiful and bright that it blinds our eyes from how it actually looks. One romanticizes what one longs for and neglects to understand it’s true form. Dreams will always maintain the ideal beauty if one looks from afar since longing is the farthest concept from comprehension. To know and to walk closer toward your longing is a path to many trials and hardships but it is the only way to go beyond just longing.



Shingo Urahata is a digital illustrator and an animator residing in Chiba, Japan. He creates various works such as illustration, animation, motion graphic, and 3D modeling . Incorporating Japanese traditional manga/anime style in addition to some digital effect elements to make a film-look into his work, his work brings the viewers closer to the imaginative world and characters. The well drawn figure drawing, emotions of the figures, and background imagery created by him gives a sense of transient beauty. A lot of his work carries the concept of dream, memories, fantasy, and nostalgia. He especially adores working on the theme dealing with dreams. His work captures the visualization of  many journeys toward dreams and we feel closer to his pieces for we all share the experience of having and striving toward a dream.