Everyday Moments


Madison Harada is an artist who works across media. Her work is characterized by serene, nostalgic, and personal moments in time. Harada was born in 1998 in Yokohama, Japan, to an American mother and a Japanese father. She was raised in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and her multi-cultural background heavily impacts her artworks. Currently, Harada lives and works in Yokohama, Japan.

 Harada’s grandfather, a painter, influenced her interest in art from an early age.  She studied art throughout grade school and then became an Art Major at Temple University Japan Campus. At school, she studied various forms of art, including photography, graphic design, and moving images which she utilizes in her works.

The subjects of her works are usually family members and loved ones. Harada uses art as a way to freeze time and capture  moments so that they may be kept forever. The spontaneity and unknown aspect of each day gives her inspiration, as does the recollection of forgotten memories. Her work focuses on people, nature and beauty in the mundane moments in life.

In spring 2020, Harada began her ongoing photo series, “Living Together,” which focuses upon her family and their unique living situation; rather than reflecting upon her living situation in a negative light, the subseries within “Living Together”, titled “Osanpo: Walks With Jiji” highlights time spent with her grandfather. “Time With Dad” is another on-going subseries within “Living Together.”