Love is Life is Love

I paint “Love,” and through this, I express hope for the world I am living in now. In this painting, the people depicted are my dear friends who are artists or want to be artists who try to create this world. Painting them represents that many young people love to make daily life more fun, warm, colorful, and entertaining to others through thei r passions.

I wanted to show my deep feelings, which are precisely expressed through “Love,” from the naming of my painting and throughout my colorful and immense display of this emotion, naked and exposed upon a wall for all to see. Painting is everything that I do love. My paintings are for me, who is only one of a vast number of artists, both famous and as yet unknown, who keep creating works and the people who love art, or even try to be artists. I always create art with the idea that none of us should ever stop creating for myself and for all artists or would-be artists.

Love for People Who Love Art 
Acrylic on canvas 
1300 x 3240 mm

The title “Everlasting Memories” is the main theme of this display: wanting memories to last forever. Some memories fade away, despite the longing to keep them all. Flowers wither, petals fall. Art does not. Here, the possibilities are boundless. The artist captures the emotion of each moment in her art, and makes it last a lifetime. You can recall memories that you do not want to lose. You will also be transported to a new place and from this you will feel the subtleties of your soul.

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Picture book (72pages)

297 mm x 210 mm (each)

This is a wish from someone whose past is more you than anything. May the people who read this story get to know you. The lovers in this book had been in this world. Their love story is sure to light up someone’s heart. 


Iori Kikuchi was born in Tokyo in 1998. She studied at Purchase College, The State University of New York, and is graduating from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in 2020. Iori works across different media from traditional to digital while her main practice sits around the idea of painting. Iori was selected as one of the 100 best illustrators for an exhibition held at Gallery ROCKET in Tokyo while winning the grand-prix of Turner Award in 2018. It is love, dreams and hope that inspires her to work.